Jack & Lily – Little Feet Childrens Shoes
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Jack & Lily

Passionate people, designing and manufacturing quality Footwear for Little Feet

“Jack & Lily” are real people, with a mother – a Vancouver, Canada mom to be exact – and it started because she knew that children's footwear could be better.

Pregnant with her second child, Brenda Buell was in her early thirties at the time. “Wherever I went, whatever I saw, the quality and style of baby footwear was simply lacking – and certainly not worth the prices they were asking.” She was frustrated and knew in her heart she could do better. Over several months Brenda came upon a leather manufacturer, got hold of some “short ends” (leftover leather from the making of other leather goods) and went to work hand-stitching the very first Jack & Lily shoes.

Determined and willing to do whatever it takes, Brenda first went door-to-door, showing her infant, baby and toddler shoes to whatever small, local business would listen. Footwear for Little FeetTheir response shocked her. “These were mom & pop stores. They rarely took chances on new products but I sold out everything! I couldn’t believe it! The desire for quality construction and fashionable, hip design was overwhelming. They begged for more.” Jack & Lily shoes took off from there.

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