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Dr. Martens

The Griggs family of Northampton had been making boots since 1901 in the English Midlands, the heartland of British shoe-making. The family was successful, and respected. Scratch the surface a little, however, and it's clear that the Griggs clan were free thinkers and a bit different. 
Munich-based Dr Maertens and his university friend Dr Funck were also different. Inventors, free-thinkers, ditto. In response to a foot injury on a ski-ing trip, they'd invented an air-cushioned sole & were looking for like-minded innovators. Griggs contacted Dr Maertens, a plan was hatched and a legend born on April 1st, 1960. 
When Pete Townsend from the legendary, boundary pushing, rock band The Who donned his first pair, the World watched and the rest...is history.

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